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MTN Plus Series

MTN Plus Series is a range of ON-LINE double conversion technology UPS with 0.9 output power factor and “zero” transfer time. The load is always powered by the inverter, which supplies true sinusoidal voltage that is free from electrical interference.

HIGH RELIABILITY MTN Series offers high quality power supply with the greatest degree of availability and reliability.

MTN Series is compact and very convenient for users, especially for basic equipment such as PC, Workstation, Network Centres, communication equipments, and other critical systems.

EXTENDING BACK UP TIME Battery expansion is possible to increase the back-up time of the UPS. For longer back-up time it is available.MTN L version without internal batteries but with powerful battery recharger.


  • 3-level Inverter Technology
  • True online double conversion technology
  • IGBT PFC technology
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Cold start function
  • Zero transfer time
  • Smart communication port
  • LCD/LED Display
  • Overload and Short circuit protection
  • Optional intelligent slot for SNMP adoptor

AUTOMATIC RESTART The UPS is programmed to restart automatically when the mains returns after switching off due to end of back-up time following prolonged power failure.

COMMUNICATIONS MTN Series comes with an expansion slot for optional communication boards which make it compatible with the main communication options: SNMP and Dry contact card.

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