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MST-GS Series (10-200 kVA)

MS-GS UPS series is a double conversion system with sinewave output. It supplies continuous, stable, clean power for commercial and industrial environments. When the utility is lost accidentally, the UPS system will use the power from battery to output without interruption.

Embedded with isolation transformer, MST-GS series will eliminate common mode noise and the need to install expensive dedicated circuits. It provides reliable galvanically isolated power to critical equipment.

This system is applied with an advanced digital controller to control the double conversion system, and with an isolated transformer at the output to protect the load and the UPS itself. The UPS is also built-in user-friendly LCD interface and multiple communications including Modbus, RS-232 and intelligent slot. With free download software, this UPS provides complete power solution of monitoring and controlling remotely.

The line input and bypass input are separated routes in this UPS. Users can apply different power sources into these two input routes and set up a dual-input system. Users also can connect the same power source to these two inputs.

Main Features

• Online double-conversion

• DSP technology guarantees high reliability

• True galvanic isolation transformer design

• Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads

• Intelligent battery management to prolong battery lifecycle

• Independent ventilation enhance durable operation under harsh environment

• Adjustable battery numbers

• Accept dual-mains input

• Parallel operation with up to 4 units (option)

• Variety of communication options available

• Optional 7″ touch LCD

• Reverse phase frequency operation and supports non-neutral input

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