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e-Lite Series

The e-lite Series includes models of 450-650-850-1000-1200VA-1500-2000.

With built in Automatic Voltage Regulator the load is protected from stabilize brownout, sag and surges.

And All day On line alternating current surge protections for spikes and transients.

The E-lite series uses Line Interactive with high efficiency and high reliability.

When the mains fails, the load is powered by the inverter with a pseudo sinewave to provide sufficient runtime to connected loads.

  • Stabilization and filtering of the mains power supply using AVR and EMI filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances
  • Ability to switch on the UPS in the absence of mains power (Cold Start)
  • High reliability with built-in battery test
  • Auto restart (when mains power is restored, after discharge of the batteries)
  • Supplied with two IEC cables for powering the loads


Line Interactive

High efficiency and reliability

High input voltage and frequency windows

Built in Automatic Voltage Regulator and Stablizer Voltage Output LED Indication

All day On line alternating current surge protection

Wave filtering and Noise Isolation

Short-circuit and Overload Protection

Automatic charging in UPS off mode

Automatic self-detection when start-up

Auto restart at power up

Cold Start Capable

RS 232 Communication Interface

Optional UPS Monitoring Software

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